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            OUR COMPANY

                   Engler Machine was started in 1980 by Tim Engler, his main line of business at that time was plastic injection molds. Over the years he has diversified very widely leaning more towards "high performance products." He now builds fuel injection systems, custom made pulling chassis, gears, shafts, specialty CNC products, and some custom machining.


                  Tim has been involved in tractor pulling and holds 13 national titles in that sport. He no longer pulls himself, but has been influential to the success of many other pullers through his advice and building capabilities. He used to race winged sprint cars when time allowed which was something he truly liked, but now enjoys helping others in the sport succeed.


            MIssion Impossible


                    -In 2006 Tim was inducted into the National Tractor Pullers Hall of Fame-

            -In 2008 Tim was recognized by Lucas Oil - Pro Pulling League and presented the Lifetime Achievement Award-


            Engler Injection holds the following land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats:


                 2009 D/FALT     236.144     Jack Rogers        

                 2009 B/GC         237.045     Jack Rogers        

                 2009 B/ALY       241.028     Jack Rogers        

                  2010 C/GC         239.904    Jack Rogers

                  2010 A/FALT     248.066     Jack Rogers

                  2010 A/GALT     251.117    Jack Rogers

            CONTACT US

            Engler Machine & Tool

            1106 W 150 S

            Princeton, IN 47670 USA

            PH: 1-812-386-6254

            FAX: 1-812-386-6268

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